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Municipal park Edouard André

What can you discover in the municipal park?

Luxembourg City’s Municipal Park is one of the city’s most emblematic sites; offering over 30 hectares of greenery. Dating back to the 19th century and designed by French landscape architect Édouard François André, a key figure of the time, the park embodies both the history of Luxembourg City and the evolution of urban open spaces over time. It is a popular spot with both locals and tourists who find a harmonious balance between nature, culture and leisure.

Explore the LUGA trail through the Municipal Park

Enjoy a visit to this recreational and cultural park steeped in fascinating history and legend. The developments and facilities created especially for the LUGA exhibition will take you into an enchanted world packed with discoveries and wonders, including narrative trails, urban gardens, stunning greenhouses and mystical installations. In this enchanted land, you will also find areas for relaxing and reading, fantastic huts dotted along the route, and the art trail designed by German curator Markus Ambach, who specialises in creating artistic projects in public spaces. Readings for children will also be held in the Pescatore Park.

Carte site

Urban gardens

Municipal park Edouard André

La Roseraie Amélie

LUGA, Service Parcs ville de Luxembourg, associations Rousefrënn et Patrimoines Roses pour le Luxembourg

Municipal park Edouard André

Les Jardins de la Fédération Horticole Luxembourgeoise

Municipal park Edouard André

Plantes du Luxembourg

Lycée Technique Agricole

Municipal park Edouard André

Jardin exploratif

Fondation Pescatore

Landscaping and agricultural installations

Municipal park Edouard André

Fantastic huts

Service National de la Jeunesse (SNJ)

Municipal park Edouard André

L’arbre littéraire


Municipal park Edouard André

La Serre merveilleuse


Municipal park Edouard André

Show the Unshow, See the Unseen

Markus Ambach

Living space

Le Culture Hub

Une ode au Parc Municipal ! Le Culture Hub situé sur la pergola du Hub du Parc Municipal est un lieu de vie et de rencontre, où les visiteurs peuvent profiter d’une programmation d’évènements variés tout au long des 6 mois de la LUGA et se détendre dans un lieu convivial. Avec une architecture insolite et un cadre agréable et chaleureux, le Culture Hub est l’endroit idéal pour s’arrêter et partager un moment de détente au milieu de la verdure du parc et des animations surprenantes, divertissantes, éducatives et unplugged. Cet espace vivant ouvert à tous...

LUGA exposition plan

Discover the LUGA exhibition sites to visit in Luxembourg-City and Ettelbruck, in the Nordstad.



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