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Cultivating and experimenting


Find out more about Nordstad

Discover Nordstad
The town of Ettelbruck, secretly named “Bauerenhaptstad” (Luxembourg’s agricultural capital) is located in Nordstad, a north-central region of Luxembourg with a rich agricultural past, making it an ideal venue for addressing the LUGA themes. In particular, for over 40 years, Ettelbruck has hosted the annual Agricultural Fair where local consumers and producers come together and share ideas. Nordstad is also home to the experimental fields in Bettendorf and the Gilsdorf Technical Agricultural College, which has been a major centre for training in nature-related trades since 1883 and for research into plant varieties.

Explore the LUGA circuit in Nordstad
In 2025, visitors can discover the “Urban Agricultural Trail“ in Ettelbruck. This educational trail features botanical and agricultural exhibitions, demonstrations of innovative growing methods and fun activities linked to different natural professions and food production.

Carte site

Agricultural Projects and HUBS


Agricultural developments – Däichwisen

Agricultural crop demonstrations


myEduGarden by Restopolis’ hydroponic installations

Food4Future and Supply4Future by Restopolis




The Urban Agricultural Trail


Fësch Haff Aquaponics

Fësch Haff

LUGA exposition plan

Discover the LUGA exhibition sites to visit in Luxembourg City and Ettelbruck, in the Nordstad.

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