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D-365 before the opening of the LUGA exhibition - Luxembourg Urban Garden 

LUGA reveals the designs of the ephemeral creations for the exhibition on the theme “Making the invisible, visible” to be visited in 2025 in Luxembourg.

Discover us Luga locations

Municipal park Edouard André

Wonder and share

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the municipal park

Pétrusse valley

Get inspired and innovate

Explore a wild ecosystem where biodiversity, flora and fauna mingle in a natural symphony

Alzette valley

Interact and exchange

Explore urban ecology, climate and the various art forms of dialogue and expression between man and nature


A trail between history and modernity

Explore and discover innovations in production and self-sufficiency in cities, including the creation of an urban farm and landscape and artistic installations


Cultivating and experimenting

Discover all aspects of agriculture, the work involved in food production and green jobs at Nordstad, and explore the Urban Agricultural Trail in Ettelbruck.

LUGA exposition plan

Discover the LUGA exhibition sites to visit in Luxembourg-City and Ettelbruck, in the Nordstad.




06.06.2024 | 18:00

De la graine à l’assiette

Des semences locales pour des systèmes alimentaires durables.

01.07.2024 | 00:00
#Visites guidées

“Zauberhaft Gaardeplanzen a Gäert, déi verzauberen !”

Promenade enchantée pour découvrir la vallée de l’Alzette

LUGA Luxembourg
Urban Garden

LUGA shines in Luxembourg from May 7 to October 18, 2025!

LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden is an open-air exhibition that will be taking place from 7 May to 18 October 2025 in a number of public open spaces in Luxembourg City’s green belt and in the town of Ettelbruck in Nordstad. It will be an opportunity for visitors to discover temporary creations dotted along the LUGA trails, including urban gardens, landscaped and artistic installations, agricultural projects and living spaces specially designed for the exhibition by local and international landscape architects, artists and professionals.

The LUGA temporary exhibition, which is mostly free, will take place at five emblematic venues in Luxembourg City: the Municipal Park, Pétrusse Valley, Alzette Valley and the Kirchberg quarter, as well as in the town of Ettelbruck in Nordstad. Explore the city of the future along various trails, and wind down amid colourful gardens, captivating farm landscapes and numerous recreation and meeting spaces specially designed for the exhibition on the theme “Making the invisible, visible”.

For six months, this unique exhibition, organised for the first time in Luxembourg, will be an open-air laboratory of ideas, a platform for interaction and experimentation where visitors can all contribute to collective reflection on the future of our cities and take part in a programme packed with events on the LUGA Exhibition’s themes.



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