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Pétrusse valley

What can we discover in the Pétrusse valley?

At the Pétrusse valley site, recently restored to its former glory, LUGA will be exploring innovative initiatives to open up the field of possibilities for a promising future.

Leaving the municipal park, the trail winds down from Avenue Marie-Thérèse to the Pétrusse valley below and to the garden designed by landscape architect Leon Kluge. This garden is the gateway to and link between the enchanting world created by LUGA in the municipal park and the Pétrusse valley. Further along the route, past the Skate Park, the Young Designers’ urban gardens laid out along the river address the global challenges of our times. The gardens and installations along the Pétrusse river embody a future of opportunities, highlighting the invisible macrocosms and microcosms to which the valley is home.

Carte site

Urban gardens

Pétrusse valley

Wander Kautsch


Pétrusse valley


Rien Veulemans

Pétrusse valley

Nice to BEE

Carina Hahn

Pétrusse valley


Delphine Hardy, LUGA

Pétrusse valley

Les mystères du trésor des plantes médicinales

Laurence Didier

Pétrusse valley

Le portail

Naile Arslan

Pétrusse valley

Le Jardin Germinatif

PALEA Architecte-ingénieur paysagiste s.à.r.l.

Pétrusse valley

Jardin partage

Julie Chirol

Pétrusse valley

Bond of Connection

Carolin Kemkes-Günner

Pétrusse valley

Blue Sky

Jérôme Goedseels

Landscape and art installations

Pétrusse valley

Life on the verge

Leon Kluge

Pétrusse valley

The Lower World

Susan Philipsz – Mudam Luxembourg

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