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A trail between history and modernity


What can we discover in Kirchberg?

Explore the LUGA trail in Kirchberg

On this site, in partnership with the MUDAM, LUGA is presenting a monumental organic artwork, The Living Pyramid, by the Hungarian visual artist and Land Art pioneer, Agnes Denes. One of the international offices also features a resolutely contemporary and innovative landscaped installation, echoing the site.

Finally, visitors can also discover the Garden of Multilingualism, designed by landscape architect Michel Desvigne and planted at the foot of the towers of the European Court, and take a short break to explore Kuebebierg and its urban farm.

Carte site

Urban gardens



Sara Noel Costa De Araujo, Jan Minne

Landscaping and agricultural installations


The Living Pyramid

Agnes Denes

Agricultural projects


La Ferme urbaine au Kuebebierg

Fonds Kirchberg

LUGA exposition plan

Discover the LUGA exhibition sites to visit in Luxembourg-City and Ettelbruck, in the Nordstad.



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