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Become a volunteer!

Be part of a unique experience in Luxembourg by volunteering at the LUGA 2025 national exhibition.

Organized for the first time in Luxembourg City and Nordstad, LUGA is an open-air exhibition of urban gardens, landscape and art installations, agricultural projects and living spaces that will run from 7 May to 18 October 2025.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to take part in an exceptional exhibition with an international scope, to meet enthusiasts from all over the world and to contribute to the success of this innovative exhibition.

Volunteer tasks for LUGA 2025

Visitor reception and orientation

Welcome visitors along the exhibition tour; provide information on the different areas and activities; help with orientation and answer visitors' questions.

Event support

Help organize and manage special events, such as conferences, workshops or shows; welcome visitors and manage registration lists; assist with event logistics, such as seating arrangements and audiovisual equipment.

Promotion and communication

Help disseminate information about the exhibition; distribute brochures and information leaflets; help take photos and videos for LUGA's official communication materials.
And many more missions and adventures to come!

Would you like to contribute to LUGA?

LUGA opens its doors to you! Join us as a volunteer and play an active part in one of Luxembourg’s most eagerly awaited exhibition!

The advantages of volunteering for LUGA 2025

Exclusive access to the LUGA exhibition and events
Discover urban gardens, landscape and art installations, agricultural projects and living spaces while enjoying privileged access of the behind-the-scenes at LUGA.

Meet and exchange with local and international professionals
Connect with other garden, nature, art, architecture and agriculture enthusiasts.

Active participation in a national exhibition with an international scope
Contribute to the success of a national exhibiton, help promote the Grand Duchy as well as local know-how internationally.

Join a team of enthusiasts and work in a unique setting as well as a positive and collaborative atmosphere!

Volunteer profiles

Passionate and motivated
Passionate about Luxembourg’s nature, culture, heritage and history, interested in events, tourism as well as social topics, comfortable with human interaction, and able to speak one or more languages.

In love with green spaces in the city
Enjoy taking part in events and outdoor activities.

Team spirit
Willing to participate in small-group activities as part of a large-scale event project, whether an association or not.

Availability: be available from Thursday to Sunday, between 10am and 6pm.

Minimum age required: 17 ans.

Join the LUGA adventure and become a volunteer!