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FLORIADE 2022 has just opened its doors to visitors, and LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden is one of the exhibitors at this renowned international exhibition.

The seventh edition of FLORIADE is taking place in Almere, the Netherlands’ youngest city, and is showcasing a topic that is also dear to LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden: green and sustainable cities.

Urban ecology is in the spotlight at FLORIADE, which is shaping a future green seaside district until 9 October 2022. The environmental challenges faced by the cities of the future will also be at the epicentre of the LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden national horticultural exhibition, which will take place in Luxembourg City between May and October 2025.

To pave the way for the Luxembourg horticultural exhibition, and its preliminary programme “Sow in 2023, harvest in 2025”, LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden will be present at Almere with a structure that fits in with the surrounding environment. Designed to be an architectural interpretation of a leaf, the PHYLLŌM sculpture (stand 37) highlights the tension between the natural environment and the urban space, between biodiversity and soil sealing.

According to the architectural firm Schürmann&Witry, which won the competition to provide ideas for the LUGA pavilion at FLORIADE, “The sculpture invites visitors to think about the way in which we must transform society to become more environmentally aware, while retaining our cultural heritage.”

While the red steel mast is a reference to the ‘red earth’ area of Luxembourg, with its proud steelmaking heritage, the green leaf immerses us in nature.

In keeping with circular-economy principles, the structure can be fully dismantled, reused and recycled. Consequently, PHYLLŌM demonstrates the themes of the LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden exhibition organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development and the City of Luxembourg in cooperation with the Fédération Horticole Luxembourgeoise (FHL).

PHYLLŌM symbolises the natural heritage of a country that has both a rich agricultural and steelmaking past and a vision for the future, and invites FLORIADE visitors to enjoy a breath of fresh air in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to discover the LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden project.

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