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Main locations : Municipal and Pescatore parks
The Municipal Park and the Pescatore Park are places where different cultures and generations have always come together, so it is only logical to associate them with the theme Nature & Society. These parks will become large green classrooms, where young people and adults will be welcomed in the garden expo where they can learn a whole series of practical horticultural tips. How to run a market garden? Which plants can help mitigate the effects of climate change? What do bees need to survive and thrive? What are the best indoor plants for purifying the air? How can we reduce food and other wastes? Answers to these and many other questions will be provided. The Nature & Society theme will also highlight issues related to seasonal, regional and healthy product markets, bicycle tracks, medicinal gardens, gardens for the eldery, and gardens for people with restricted mobility. The other themes around Nature & Culture, Pure Nature, and Nature & Urban Development will complete the programme with open-air concerts, works of art, as well as activities related to trees, birds and roses.
Nature & Society
Nature & Society

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