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Main locations : Pétrusse valley
The City of Luxembourg will carry out the renaturation works of the Pétrusse in two phases. The first one is underway and will be ready for LUGA, with the second start in 2024 to avoid disturbing the horticultural exhibition. This will be an opportunity to experience the contrast between the current artificial watercourse created in the 1930s, and the new ecologically-sensitive configuration. The new parkland format was created by landscape architect Edouard André, and will provide an ideal natural location for LUGA. It includes theme-based activities around the watercourse, springs, trees, rock faces, bats, gardens and ecological orchards. The other themes – Nature & Culture, Nature & Society, and Nature & Urban Development – will be associated with the bridges, fortifications, public lighting and areas around the site’s skatepark and aquatunnel. All this is part of the exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Pure Nature
Pure Nature

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