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    Main locations : Pétrusse valley
    A broad range of subjects will be highlighted in the Pétrusse valley – which will be the most natural setting in LUGA – and the other three main locations in the city. A central feature will be the renaturation of the Pétrusse water courses, as well as the ecology of valley floors and their rocky surfaces. Visitors will also delve into the worlds of bee-keeping and general insect pollination, birds and bats in an urban setting, lichens and mosses, urban lighting that respects natural habitats, ecological gardening, green spaces in towns, green roofs and facades...
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  • Nature &

    Main locations : Municipal and Pescatore parks
    The Municipal and Pescatore parks, and many other city locations, are places of relaxation and social life for people of all ages and cultures. These will feature community, medicinal and vegetable gardens, as well as orchards, beehives, and more, all maintained principally by volunteers. There will also be markets for seasonal, regional, healthy products. It will feature open-air school classes, with events related to town mobility, health and fitness activities for young, old and those with restricted mobility. Also, why not relax at one of the garden cafés?
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  • Nature &

    Main locations : Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal
    The City’s historic districts – particularly Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal – are ideal locations for art exhibitions, concerts, street-art, illuminations, and floral decorations. They will bring to life the capital’s physical heritage: the fortifications, the Mansfeld domaine, the parks, the casemates, the bridges, the churches, the aqua-tunnel, etc. Not forgetting Luxembourg’s long-standing tradition of rose cultivation.
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  • Nature &

    Main locations : Kirchberg
    Ideas around how the City of Luxembourg should be planned continue to evolve. The City’s different districts – particularly the emblematic Kirchberg plateau – will be used to highlight various living spaces, with arboretums, private and public gardens, green facades and roofs, urban farms, and other green spaces. Each play an important role, both as landscaping and architectural features. They enable citizens to orient themselves in town and facilitate access to soft-mobility options, plus they regulate the climate.
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